Jen Hoy: Transforming Lives and Inspiring Them to Thrive

By: Meg Van Dyk

Photographs provided by Jen Hoy

It is an unfortunate reality that many women’s soccer players are known for little more than their team name and the letters sprawled across their shoulders.

And for the past seven years Sky Blue FC forward Jen Hoy has lived in that realm as she was known simply as a goalscorer with the letters H-O-Y signifying her title as an athlete.  

But after many years carrying that title Hoy has expanded her resume, stepping out and gaining prominence as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with the launch of her company — Thrive

“I have had this deep desire the entire time, even since graduating from Princeton to figure out what I will do in addition to soccer, but at the time I didn’t know what that was,” Hoy said. “This passion of mine that I found happened to come into my life at what was probably the perfect time when I was truly ready for it.”

That passion first began as an Instagram page, @jenuinefoodie, that highlighted recipes, products and health inspiration. As the brand has grown it has manifested into a holistic health coaching company that offers everything from a home pantry makeover and supermarket tour to a variety of one, three and six month programs involving one-on-one sessions, which has led her to have clients all over the world!

And while from an outside perspective it may seem as if Hoy’s career as a soccer player influenced her career as a health professional the fact is that the reverse is true. Hoy’s passion and drive to share the benefits of health and nutrition have impacted how she now approaches her time on the pitch. 

“It’s the combination of two passions and it has helped me to not only be a better player but also a better teammate and a better person all around, because I am more aligned with my path,” Hoy said. 

For Hoy the grassroots purpose of the organization boils down to her hunger to help people reach their full potential and experience their best selves both nutritionally and as it relates to their lives, career, spiritually, physical activity and relationships.

It was this desire that led her to the company’s name — Thrive.

“I love this idea of nurturing your instinct to thrive, because we all have it,” Hoy said. “Our best selves are already in us and it’s just about sifting through all the static and the chaos to figure out who that person is. I feel like a lot of times we don’t give ourselves the time to figure out ‘who am I, what do I want and what do I need.’

And so that is a part of what Hoy does. She gives her clients the time, space and support to figure out what nourishes them, both on and off the plate, so as to uncover their happiest, healthiest selves. 

“I want to empower people with tools to help them live the happiest and healthiest lives, lives that are most aligned with their passions, so that they can truly feel that they are thriving in all areas,” Hoy said. “I think that part of what motivates me is I know how hard it can be to exist in that place where I am not thriving, beyond nutrition and beyond the plate, so with my training and with my experience I want to help show people that this is possible for them too.” 

So as she awaits the upcoming season of the National Women’s Soccer League, Hoy will continue to transform lives, fulfilling one passion as a holistic health coach while anticipating the return of the other as professional soccer player for Sky Blue FC.