Mary O’Brien Recognized as #SBFChero

Sky Blue FC would like to recognize Mary O’Brien of Piscataway, NJ as the second #SBFCHeroes nominee. O’Brien is a New Jersey respiratory therapist who primarily cares for infants and children. COVID-19, a virus that primarily affects the respiratory system, has highlighted the importance of frontline workers like O’Brien. O’Brien was nominated by Colleen O’Brien.

“Her area of specialty is in the NICU and PICU (Neonatal and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit).” Said Colleen O’Brien, who nominated Mary. “She calms and takes care of the babies and children and also has to do the same for their parents. She works both in the hospital and will ride in the ambulances transporting patients to and from other hospitals when the need arises. Her shifts are 12 hours long if she is lucky,” C. O’Brien wrote of the nominee, “The unique respiratory aspect of COVID-19 puts her even higher at risk. Despite having recent neck surgery and consequential other injuries, she still works all day on her feet. She will still take the time to mail me newspaper articles that she thinks I will find interesting and check up on me. I’m looking forward to being able to sit next to her at Sky Blue games in the future.”

Sky Blue applauds O’Brien and other healthcare workers who have proven absolutely integral to our community these past few months. “We can’t say this enough: we are so grateful, with tremendous respect and appreciation, for our healthcare workers during this time,” stated Sky Blue General Manager Alyse LaHue. “Mary is the epitome of this so we’re thrilled to take this moment to recognize her.”

Stay tuned as Sky Blue continues to highlight essential workers in the coming weeks. To nominate #SBFCHeroes that are essential workers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic follow this link.