Sky Blue FC Hosts Sensory Friendly and Inclusion #StayHomeGame Day Saturday

This Saturday, May 9, Sky Blue FC is hosting its second virtual match day following up the club’s highly successful #StayHomeOpener. In honor of the game’s original theme night, the event promotes Sensory Friendly and Inclusion ensuring that all Sky Blue fans can participate in the festivities.

To kick-off the #StayHomeGame, the club will release a sensory-friendly activity book which includes a sensory-friendly story for fans to read as well as other activities. The programming features an all-day promotion of the Sky Blue FC Inclusion Pledge for fans to sign. The day continues when players Sarah Woldmoe and Kaleigh Riehl will host an Instagram TV reading event. The sensory-friendly stories they read will be archived on Sky Blue social media, making them available to anyone at any time after the original reading.

Saturday afternoon features a Zoom Q&A with 2020 draftees Mandy McGlynn and Chantelle Swaby. The event begins at 3:00 p.m. and must be registered for in advance at this link. Following the Q&A, league veterans DiDi Haracic and Estelle Johnson will challenge rookies Kaleigh Riehl and Evelyne Viens in a highly anticipated game of Fibbage. This game will be featured on Sky Blue social media including its YouTube channel.

Sky Blue will host its next #StayHomeGame this Wednesday, May 12 and will focus on essential workers during COVID-19. Planned events include continued honoring of #SBFCheroes, videos thanking and supporting frontline, essential workers, and a light-hearted BINGO game via Zoom to cap off the day.