Andy Pearce named as newest Sky Blue FC TeamSnap MVC

Sky Blue FC has announced Andy Pearce as its newest TeamSnap MVC. Pearce is the Director of Coaching for the Scotch Plains Fanwood Soccer Club in New Jersey. He coaches the SPF Ertz 2010 girls and the SPF Rapinoe 2008 girls teams.

The Sky Blue FC TeamSnap MVC honors coaches in our communities that exemplify an undeniable commitment to player growth and education. During this difficult time, we hope to shine a light on coaches that are going above and beyond for their team whilst navigating the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a TeamSnap MVC, Pearce is dedicated to his team and his community. During this break from the regularly scheduled season, Pearce has been going above and beyond to keep his players active and connected. Like most coaches, he has been arranging meetings using Zoom so he can discuss tactics with his teams as well as watch their own game film and professional women’s matches. He also separately sends video content with training plans so his players can continue to refine their technical skills at home with his guidance. Pearce also provides recommendations about how to stay healthy and active while at home.

“Engaging with the players and families is one of the most rewarding parts of my job and having everyone still feel part of the team matters as much as the training to me,” said Pearce. “So during the coronavirus lockdown, I’ve been looking for ways to do so.”

Pearce is proud to be a part of the Scotch Plains Fanwood Soccer Club, praising his fellow coaches and the work they have done.

“They have been incredibly supportive not just of me, but our incredible training staff who all continue to support their players in many of the same ways that I have. I’m proud to work with each of them”.

When looking through all the qualified and deserving nominations, Coach Andy Pearce really stood out with his digital efforts,” said Sky Blue FC Account Executive Taylor Machuga. She continued, “He has utilized many creative approaches to continue educating and teaching his players about healthy activity and continuing soccer specific training through virtual platforms. Pearce has clearly influenced his club and teams greatly during this time.”

So, let’s celebrate all of the coaches in our community like Pearce who remind us during these times what it means to be a great coach. Nominations for Sky Blue’s TeamSnap MVC are currently open. If you would like to nominate a coach in your community, please click here.