Kimberly Trumbull and Julia Hennessey Recognized as #SBFCHeroes

Sky Blue FC would like to recognize the next two #SBFCheroes nominees in its efforts to recognize those exemplary individuals working on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. The newest #SBFCheroes are Kimberly Trumbull and Julia Hennessey of Wilmington, DE.

Trumbull is a four-year Sky Blue FC season ticket member working the nightshift on the COVID-19 floor at Taylor Hospital in Ridley Park, PA. Hennessey, who nominated Trumbull said, “Kimberly has spent 5 years as an emergency medical technician working in the emergency room while going through nursing school and just entered the world as a new graduate Registered Nurse during an unprecedented time in history, during a pandemic.” She continued that, “Kimberly is often picking up extra shifts to help provide care for her patients and assistance for her coworkers. She is looking forward to the time that her, her wife, and her father in law (all nurses on the front line and season ticket members) can enjoy cheering on Sky Blue FC together.”

Also an emergency department nurse, Hennessey works at Jefferson Methodist Hospital in Philadelphia, PA. Trumbull, who nominated Hennessey said “Julia is truly on the front line with COVID-19 patients because you don’t know at that point who is positive and who is not since she is the first point of contact. It’s been heartbreaking to hear the losses that she’s faced and how much her daily job routine has changed since the pandemic has started.” Trumbull continued “one struggle Julia faces is being an asthmatic and having to wear an N95 mask for a 12-hour shift, which is not easy. It has also impacted her daily life, in that she does a breathing treatment before work in preparation for wearing an N95 mask and by going right into a shower when she gets home. She’s truly a #SBFCheroes candidate.”

“I am humbled and grateful to Julia and Kimberly for their heroic and selfless work as nurses,” said Sky Blue FC Director of Operations, Julie Evans. She continued, “On behalf of the Sky Blue FC family, thank you, and know there will come a time we can thank you in the stands soon.”

Sky Blue FC would like to thank Trumbull, Hennessey, and other healthcare workers for all they have done during these unprecedented times. Friends and families of healthcare and essential workers are encouraged to submit nominations for the next #SBFCheroes.

To nominate an individual working on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic follow this link.