Sky Blue FC announces Lia Zelada as most-recent TeamSnap MVC

Sky Blue FC is proud to announce Lia Zelada as our newest TeamSnap MVC. Hailing from South Bronx, NY, Zelada coaches the U-16 South Bronx United Team. Since her team’s season was suspended, she has been doing her best to keep her team active and engaged.

Sky Blue’s TeamSnap MVC honors coaches in our communities that exemplify undeniable commitment to player growth and education. During this challenging time, we are hoping to shine a light on coaches that are going above and beyond for their team whilst navigating the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“COVID-19 has affected my players and their families in different ways, so I try to keep them engaged as much as I can – it has not been easy,” Zelada stated. “I just hope that at the end, they can see that no matter what happens, soccer is a sport we can always count on bringing us together.”

As all of our TeamSnap MVC coaches have, Zelada has been going above and beyond to stay connected with her players during this break in play and at a time when most community events are cancelled. She primarily uses Zoom meetings with her team to introduce new training activities. Each week, Zelda composes a presentation that educates her team about strategy and knowledge of soccer, ranging from ways to develop mental strength and self-discipline to helping the girls develop healthy eating habits and promoting team dynamics.

“Having worked with Coach Lia for the past two seasons, I’ve seen first hand how she serves as more than a soccer coach for her players,” said Sky Blue FC Business Development Manager, Matt Berner. He continued, “she is a role model for the players on her team and at the club. The personal relationships she creates and cultivates makes her an ideal coach for this recognition.”

To keep her players fit, a personal trainer releases a weekly exercise schedule to Zelada and her team through a community health app, that she even does herself while encouraging her team to do the same. Even beyond keeping her team ready to retake the pitch, Zelada also looks to the future of her players, which is why she shares stories and videos with her team about women around the world who play soccer. Zelada explains, “I think this does get them thinking about short and long term goals”.

Nominations for Sky Blue’s TeamSnap MVC are currently open. If you would like to nominate a coach in your community, please click here.