Karl O’Neil Named as the newest Sky Blue FC TeamSnap MVC

Sky Blue FC has announced Karl O’Neil as the newest TeamSnap MVC. O’Neil coaches the New Jersey Crush, a player development team for young players. The team’s season is halted due to COVID-19, but O’Neil has continued to be an outstanding coach for his players.

Sky Blue’s TeamSnap MVC honors coaches in our communities that exemplify an undeniable commitment to player growth and education. During this difficult time, we are hoping to shine a light on coaches that are going above and beyond for their team whilst navigating the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

O’Neil was nominated by one of his players, Sasha, on the Crush. “He really cares about making soccer enjoyable while still incorporating learning opportunities,” said Sasha. “He likes to expand players’ soccer intelligence, and he has a great personality inside and outside of soccer.”

This emphasis on enjoying the game is a crucial aspect of O’Neil’s strategy as a coach and a mentor. “I have been coaching for 22 years, and one thing that is important to me as a coach is the team dynamic,” said O’Neil. “When I took over this team two and a half years ago, one thing I noticed was the smiles on each of their faces when they are together. It is this that brings success on the field. These players will run through a brick wall for one another and will not give up on each other. I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to be able to coach such a tight, close-knit group of fantastic soccer players and an amazing fun bunch of girls.”

Though the team has been apart during COVID, O’Neil is still confident in their kinship. “During these times, you find out how close your team is not on the field but off it,” said O’Neil. “My team has such amazing togetherness. I have a squad of 20 girls, and they are like sisters. These girls have never lost hope and have kept the same dynamic throughout they always have and will always be there for each other.”

“Karl was an easy decision for the TeamSnap MVC after his players nominated him for this honor,” said Sky Blue FC Business Development Manager Matt Berner. “Many times, it is parents or club officials that nominate our MVCs, but the fact that the players on his team thought he was worthy speaks volumes on the connection he has with his players.

Sky Blue FC is committed to acknowledging great coaches in our communities that go above and beyond to make their teams great, on and off the field. If you have an amazing coach, nominate them for Sky Blue FC TeamSnap MVC here.