Sky Blue Names Twin County Soccer Association Coach Paul Pallante as Final TeamSnap MVC of 2020

Paul Pallante, a Twin County Soccer Association coach, has been named the final Sky Blue FC TeamSnap MVC in 2020. Pallante coaches two teams, the Twin County 2008 Boys’ team and the Twin County Storm 2002 Girls’ team.

Sky Blue’s TeamSnap MVC honors coaches in our communities that exemplify an undeniable commitment to player growth and education. We aim to shine a light on coaches going above and beyond for their team while navigating the COVID-19 impacts.

“I am absolutely humbled by this nomination,” said Pallante. “I care deeply about what I do, and I am infinitely grateful for the opportunity to work with such an outstanding group of athletes, parents, and coaches.”

Pallante has focused on the effects that his players are experiencing in their daily life due to COVID. He notes the importance of social interaction for kids and the lack of it during the canceling and shifting of school and sports. To combat this for his players, Pallante worked to maintain connections between the coaches and players and between the players and their teammates.

Part of what helped Pallante successfully navigate the COVID pause on sports was the shift from in-person training sessions to online yoga and strength and conditioning workouts. He would also host Zoom meetings for players as well as hosting games on Kahoot. Maintaining this interaction helped his team’s better transition to life on the pitch once they could return safely.

“Coach Pallante is exactly what we are looking for with our MVC nominations,” said Sky Blue Business Development Manager Matt Berner. “The support he has given his players and how they feel about him as a person makes it clear that he deserved to be honored as an MVC.”

The work for Pallante didn’t stop with just his players. He has used the past months to focus on his education in coaching. Pallante has been able to better serve his players after spending time working through coaching webinars and courses.

Nominations for the Sky Blue FC TeamSnap MVC are now closed for 2020. To learn more about our wonderful MVCs from 2020, click here.