FAQs – Season Ticket Memberships

FAQs – Season Ticket Memberships

General Admission (GA) seating has been introduced for 2019! Sections 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, and 9 will be entirely General Admission, so you will not have an assigned seat. Parts of Sections 4, 5 and 6 will also be General Admission. You are able to sit in any of the seats in those specified GA areas.

*NOTE: Section 9 is the team Supporters Section (Cloud 9). Expect to stand if in this section! There will be drumming, flag waving, and general excitement for the full 90 minutes in this section!

Reserved Seating is still available at the following categories: Midfield Elite and VIP Fieldside. You will have a specific seat in those sections that will be yours for the entirety of the season.

What is the ‘No Unused Ticket’ program? If there is a game that you are not able to attend, you can move that ticket to another game (with advance notice). So if you know you can only make 10 of the 12 games, you could use those other 2 tickets for a different game (and bring a friend!). 

How do I receive my 2019 Season Membership Package?

Option #1: In person at our meet & greet event during 2019 Preseason (March or April).

Option #2: In person at our 2019 Home Opener (date TBD April or May).

Option #3: Mailed with a $10 delivery fee online or your Sky Blue FC representative may add this fee with your consent.

If I choose to have my 2019 Season Membership Package mailed to me, when will I receive it? We will be sending Season Member packets in March or April, 2019.


  • You will have first right of refusal on your current seat(s).
  • If you are currently in a section that is turnover over to General Admission (GA), you have the option of moving into Reserved Seating areas, or continuing as a General Admission ticket holder.
  • To renew, you have two options: 1) Contact your Sales Representative or 2) Login to your Sky Blue FC account and select the option to renew your seat(s).